Customer care by the banks

The situation for banks is tricky. Interest rates have been low for years, the interest business is suffering, and margins are shrinking. At the same time, competition, the battle for customers, is getting tougher due to new fintechs and online banks. This is not just about potential new customers,…

The crux of sustainability

Is it always what it says or is sustainability communication exaggerated, perhaps even a lie? And how meaningful are ESG ratings? Whoever verbally washes their products greener than they are is greenwashing. Learn more in the latest blog by Manfred Kröller.

Risk management of banks – COVID drives the transformation

New technologies are changing the financial industry permanently and the COVID pandemic is accelerating the digitalisation of the banking infrastructure. Meanwhile, the automation of risk management is lagging behind. Learn more in Manfred Kröller's latest blog.

Are all the departments of all the central banks staffed by Romans?

For many, the rise in inflation in recent months is proving to be more persistent than expected. What will central banks do now? Reflections on unemployment, inflation and the Fed in the new Aquila blog post by Thomas Härter.

The agony of choice

Investment strategies can be divided into substance or value shares and growth shares. And then there is the alternative of quality shares, also called compounders. The explanation can be found in Manfred Kröller's latest blog.

Invest with a clear conscience

More and more investors are taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into account in their investment decisions. Equities and increasingly also bonds are the most important components of sustainable investing. Read more about ESG-compliant investing in Manfred Kröller's latest…