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The Aquilapartner-model.

Regulatory requirements placed on asset management are becoming increasingly stringent. At the same time digitization is changing many familiar processes. In this environment asset managers can gain a competitive edge by delegating resource- intensive functions such as legal and compliance, risk management, IT infrastructure, data archiving, customer relationship management (CRM) and securities accounting to specialists. As an Aquila partner you benefit from tailored solution packages incorporating the very latest technologies. Depending on the specific needs, services can also include marketing or an employment relationship.

Our lean structures and short decision-making routes enable us to give new customers rapid access to our platform. Your independence as an asset manager remains unaffected.

Aquila platform services include:

  • Money laundering and due diligence checks as well as compliance and risk management support.
  • Company and contractual matters, together with legal advice.
  • Monitoring and implementation of new regulatory developments.
  • Adaptation of documents (including contracts, risk profile etc.).
  • Performance of administrative tasks, such as cash management.
  • Processing social benefits, bookkeeping, short-term income statements, tax matters, contracting, IT support, insurance.
  • Basic and further training.
  • Contacts with custodian banks and authorities.
  • Provision of a professional CRM and portfolio management tool for independent asset managers.
  • Support with investment research, investment policy and portfolio management.
  • Custodian bank services for the end users.

Aquila AG also provides services for independent asset managers and family offices even outside the Aquila platform

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