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The uniqueplatform forasset managers.

The Aquila platform is an alliance of independent Swiss asset management companies and family offices. Aquila platform partners are entrepreneurs in their own right who act independently, free from all conflicts of interest, in the sole interest of their clients. They are linked to Aquila Ltd. through a franchise agreement and a share participation.

The trustedbank for assetmanagers.

Aquila Ltd. has held a banking licence since 2012 and provides a full range of banking services – exclusively for, and together with, asset managers and family offices. It does not compete with them nor does it allow conflicts of interest to arise. It is supervised by the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

What newsfrom the stockexchange?Aquila Viewpoints.

Where is the journey on the markets heading? Every quarter we discuss the outlook for equities, bonds, commodities, currencies and the world economy.

Snapshots fromthe worldof finance.

Many trends that will change the world tomorrow can already be identified today. Our experts always take a holistic view – keeping you up to date.

Algorithms in the financial world

Modern societies are characterized by digitalization, through which a vast amount of data can be obtained and processed. The Latin word digital (digitus = finger) is still used in medicine as well as in colloquial language to refer to the finger. In EDP, however, it means gradually, broken down…

US government debt – Part 3

Investment conclusions – US government debt – Part 3   In the third and final part of this series of articles we want to reflect on possible investment conclusions.   FED will finance increasingly undisguised US government debt What is this analysis good for, what could be…

US government debt – Part 2

US government debt rises to historic highs – Part 2: The government debt Event Horizon Test   In the second part of this series of contributions we develop a simple “sustainability formula” for the national budget. Based on this identity – the formula does not contain…