Aquila Bank.

The Aquila Bank is an expert in all-round support for independent asset managers and family offices. We focus explicitly on the comprehensive needs and stringent criteria of independent asset managers. A transparent team of specialists with many years’ experience guarantees personal service, continuity and customer satisfaction. We provide you with vigorous and dependable support for management of the assets entrusted to you.

Our lean structures and short decision-making routes bring substantial savings to our partners/to you as an independent asset manager. A simple procedure enables new customer relations to be opened rapidly and efficiently. Your requests and your customers’ needs are examined individually and with dedicated care. All-round solutions free from any conflict of interest are self-evident for us.

Our principles/Customer benefits.

We maintain business relations with our customers based on a partnership which brings benefits to both sides/all participants. As an Aquila customer you benefit from our constant principles:

  • independence and security;
  • excellent, personal (customer) service;
  • stock market and currency trading;
  • attractive terms and conditions.

Independence and security
Aquila Bank was incorporated as an owner-managed private bank in 2012 and has been run on that basis ever since. Our relatively young bank is therefore free from legacy burdens which many other banks have great difficulty in resolving. We advise you to proceed with care when choosing the right custodian bank to look after your customers’ moneys. Bear in mind what risks may still be dormant in the books of the custodian bank of your choice, which high risk business areas that bank handles, how dependent it is on interest income and how high its equity cover may be.

We at Aquila Bank are happy to answer those questions as follows:

  • high Tier 1 ratio;
  • no proprietary trading;
  • no credit business;
  • owner-managed and in private hands;
  • no own products.

Excellent, personal (customer) service

  • accounts can be opened within 24 hours;
  • individual contact person;
  • (access to other services of the Aquila platform).

Attractive terms and conditions

  • Our clear and transparent fee models are specially tailored to the needs of independent asset managers and their customers. Depending on the particular customer, you may opt for a flat rate or individual fee model. An overview of the current fees is available on request.
  • Custody, account keeping and statements, booking costs, postage and dispatch are included in our administration package as are domestic payments, quarterly statements and tax statements for Switzerland.
  • Low flat costs for foreign tax statements.

Deposit InsuranceSwitzerland

Are my deposits covered by the deposit insurance scheme?
Yes, like any bank or securities dealer in Switzerland, Aquila Ltd. is required to sign the agreement by Swiss Banks and Securities Dealers on Deposit Insurance and as such is a member of esisuisse. Client deposits held with Swiss branches of the bank are protected for up to CHF 100,000 per client, per bank. Deposits also include medium-term notes held in the name of the depositor at the issuing bank. All relevant information on the deposit insurance can be found

Our team will be happy to answer your questions.