Topaz Wealth Ltd.

Topaz Wealth Ltd. is a Swiss corporation acting as an Independent Asset Manager providing financial and family office services. It has its headquarter in Zurich. Topaz Wealth Ltd. focuses on long-term oriented Asset Management for private individuals. It has been founded in early 2019 and is privately owned by its founder and CEO, as well as AQUILA Ltd. as minor shareholder and partner company (

Topaz Wealth Ltd. uses Aquila’s services and tools which respond to the highest quality standard in the asset managmenet industry. Topaz Wealth Ltd. meets all regulatory requirements : as a group company of Aquila Ltd. it is under full FINMA supervision. Topaz Wealth Ltd. is audited annually by PWC (Aquila Ltd.’s external auditor) in terms of mandatory AML regulation and code of conduct rules.

By entrusting a mandate to Topaz Wealth Ltd. every customer will benefit from:

  • Personalised and individual care and attention
  • Over 20 years of sound experience in banking and in financial products
  • Access to a large network of specialists
  • Preferred conditions with top-notch banks
  • Transparent and cost efficient business structure

Topaz Wealth Ltd. will help you to define your goals and to implement swiftly your preferences taking into account your risk tolerance, cash needs, family welfare protection and retirement planning.

We look forward working with you. For more information on a collaboration please contact us.

Topaz Wealth AG
Bahnhofstrasse 43
CH-8001 Zurich
+ 41 58 680 63 77