Bour, Aquila & Partners Ltd.

Our company, our services and our philosophy
As a company we are independent in the choice of our analyzes, our bank accounts and our correspondents, our service providers and of course our customers. In our opinion, this is the only right way to provide a sophisticated clientele with an appropriate and appropriate problem solution. Bour, Aquila & Partners Ltd. is headquartered in Gland, near Geneva, Switzerland. Our partners also assist our clients with corporate acquisitions and legal issues concerning their financial interests.

Usually, our clients experience not only a close but also a very personal and knowledgeable relationship that exists over a long period of time. Our customers value an independent opinion and decision-making that they no longer find in large companies. The institutionalization of global financial institutions has created a gap between the investment business and the needs of wealthy clients. We help to successfully bridge this gap.

As an independent provider of financial services, we constantly invest in relationships with excellent partners. In this way we can guarantee the high standard of our service to our customers. We work successfully with leading banks in Switzerland and abroad, where we look after the accounts of our clients. Our company maintains partnership and service agreements with leading equity and bond analysis houses. For legal and financial solutions, as well as corporate acquisitions, our partners help through their own and specialized companies.

Our investment philosophy
In our investment decisions, we are conservative and rely primarily on fundamental data. In addition, we prefer an “absolute return” as opposed to a “relative return”. We do not believe in the benefit of exaggerated diversification, but prefer a focused investment process. Our disciplined investment behavior prohibits us from compromising on the quality of the equipment for our clients.

In our bond portfolios, we only hold bonds of the highest quality debtors. The quality of these debtors is regularly monitored to ensure the earning power and security of the portfolio.

In our equity portfolios, we invest only in companies with solid balance sheets, existing and excellent products, above-average margins and corresponding cash flow. We prefer stocks of companies with the world’s leading brands. We favor stocks that are priced reasonably. We avoid those with too high ratings, which are motivated by rumors and speculative hopes. We focus on those sectors of the economy that are promising in the long run on mega-trends. These include pharmaceuticals and healthcare, service companies, food and water, energy, information technology and companies with a strong consumer market position. We prefer long-term, constant earnings potential and no short-term profit optimization.

Many of our clients prefer Balanced Portfolios. These consist of bonds and shares. The exact weighting between equities and bonds depends on the individual situation of the customer as well as on his risk capacity.

The security of assets
Bour, Aquila & Partners Ltd. works only with leading banks of the highest quality, who have an impeccable reputation, are in top solid financial condition, and who have an excellent and error-free administration with modern “reporting”. The client’s assets are held in his own bank account, at a bank of the client’s choice or a bank proposed to him by Bour, Aquila & Partners Lt.. Our company can open the account on behalf of the client at a bank of our choice. Important for the customer is that Bour, Aquila & Partners AG has no power of attorney and no possibility to withdraw assets or transfer assets. That remains the exclusive right of the customer – for his safety!

At any time, the customer has access to his account. The customer can withdraw or transfer his assets at any time. At any time, the customer can terminate his asset management contract with our company.

Bour, Aquila & Partners AG receives a management fee depending on the nature of the mandate and its size. We also offer the possibility of a profit-related fee (performance fee).

Services provided by our partner companies are invoiced directly by these companies.

The bank statements of the up-to-date portfolios are available to our customers at any time and are calculated by the custodian bank. Internet access is possible.

Bour, Aquila & Partners is available to assist our clients to personally discuss the portfolio, portfolio structure, investments and results.

In addition, we are always willing to discuss financial issues with our clients and suggest possible solutions.

Bour, Aquila & Partners Ltd. is a member of Aquila. Aquila is a network of over 70 independent asset management companies in Switzerland. The individual, yet independent, asset management companies collect services and know-how from the Group’s Central Advisory & Support Center. This center consists of four teams covering the areas of Investments, Products, Operations and IT for their group members. The funds managed by the group members together are considerable.

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