AIZ Aquila Invest Zurich Ltd.

Aquila Invest Zurich Ltd., is an investment advisory and wealth management boutique in the heart of Zurich with international clientele in a long-standing tradition. Our employees have many years of experience with well-known banks in Switzerland and abroad.

As a partner of Aquila Ltd., which reports directly to FINMA, we are also affiliated with the leading industry association VSV-ASG.

Our philosophy

The keeping of customer promises is the basis of our actions. Your long-term financial success is our personal motivation.

If you want to invest your money or have your assets managed, we recommend a partner whom you trust and whose decisions you can understand. At AIZ we work independently of banks and insurance companies: we are only committed to the interests and goals of our clients.

As an independent partner, we put your needs at the center and work out individual investment solutions for you and your family. We constantly analyze markets and securities, make investment decisions and monitor the development of your assets within the mandate. At the same time we are looking for investment innovations at all custodian banks in the network.

Transparency, fairness and passion in the care of private and institutional clients form the basis of our credibility. Long-standing customer relationships over generations are a guarantee for continuity.

We are independent

You determine your custodian bank, we look after your assets for you. Thus, we are always between you and your house bank on your side. Product neutral and with a transparent price structure. You benefit from the discounts we negotiate on custody account fees and transactions with your custodian bank.

We invest successfully

When investing, we maintain a rule-based, holistic and objective approach. We consider all investment approaches, but combine them with the behavior of investor groups in the stock markets. Excess returns are not a coincidence. Our customers understand the selection process and can understand the investment decisions. Regular personal reporting promotes transparency and trust.

Our asset management

When investing value on an individual, personal and sustainable asset management. Do not leave the performance to chance.

With us you can integrate the whole universe of investment products into your asset management. We have the product range as conditions of more than 35 custodians in Switzerland and abroad. The customer benefits from our broadly based know-how and the direct short decision-making channels to the banks.

Our pricing policy is transparent, success-oriented and comprehensible at all times.

Our core competences

  • Independent asset management
  • Personal investment advice
  • Depot analysis in term of risk / return as return / cost structure
  • Consolidated balance sheet crossbanking, including nonbankable assets


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