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On the banking side, the finance sector handles treasury (cash management, money market business, financial investments and the related payment transactions), bank bookkeeping and statutory reporting (FINMA, SNB), calculation of VAT and stamp duty, together with various other analyses and services for the banking team.

On the fiduciary side, we handle accounting for our partners and the related assessments (tax returns, VAT statements etc.). A contact person is always at the partners’ service to look after their needs and coordinate their requirements.

Our range of services at a glance:

  • Setting up accountancy for partner companies.
  • Payroll accounting for partner companies.
  • Quarterly preparation of VAT accounts.
  • Quarterly account statements for Board of Directors meetings.
  • Annual financial statement with notes for the General Meeting (including audit matters).
  • Social insurance and value added tax audits.
  • Withholding tax refunds in connection with the distribution of dividends.
  • Payment transactions.
  • Preparation of legal tax declarations for partner companies.

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